The benefits of having security alarm systems installed in your business premises are too important to ignore. Electronic security systems can help improve the output of those who work for you in addition to keeping burglars at bay. When you install video surveillance at your workplace, the employees are likely to be less mischievous and will spend more time on their assigned projects than they would otherwise. Therefore, it would be of great benefit to your business if you knew how you can optimize the electronic security systems that you have installed. Consider these three things:

Multiple angle video surveillance capture

Installing multiple cameras helps to capture a number of angles, making sure that whatever happens at any area of any room in your premises is clearly caught on tape. Time and again investigations hit a dead end because the video surveillance footage available does not offer conclusive evidence of what transpired at a certain date and time.


Even for the most experienced thieves, escaping the view of multiple CCTV cameras is a tricky affair. And even when the picture of what took place is not as clear, it is relatively easy to connect the dots using the various angles of view that each camera recorded.

Identification badges

Make sure everyone who works at the business facility has an identification badge. Create your electronic security systems to only give access to people who have the proper identification badges. Add electronic doors that can be controlled from a centralized place and give certain individuals administrator privileges.

These individuals will be responsible for grading each person’s security clearance and creating access permissions accordingly. The use of badges will save you the money you would have spent on hiring security guards. In addition, an automated system is devoid of the human element that is the major cause of security breaches in business facilities.

Attendance logs

For security and accountability reasons, you should always have an attendance log and require all those who work within your business premises to sign every morning when they report to work and in the evening on their way out. By doing this, you will ease the task of determining who was there when in the event that a major security breach or some other serious event takes place at the workplace.

Moreover, a review of these logs can helpyou identify the truthfulness of the timesheets your employees fill. The signing in does not have to be manual. You could set up an electronic signing in system at the entrance of the facility. Through facial recognition, the computer can automatically sign the employees in and out every time they pass through that section.

marketing for IT companies


This article will tackle a combination of strategy and tactics in marketing for IT companies. The following two elements are crucial to both web page design as well as general web strategy. Without them, a website cannot attract the customer’s attention. Customers who may be searching for either a service or a product, are also looking for two major pieces of facts on a business’ web page, which are discussed below.

1. What the product/service page can do to the customers?

Most sites are not clear when stating what their product or service can do to the customers. Generally, your site must be able to answer the common phrase, “What’s in it for me?”

Visual Benefits. Whenever possible, make a visual form of the benefits your customers will get. This can either be done through images, comparison charts, and tables. In some cases, you may have to take the major benefit that your service or product offers and create an image depicting just that. A guide to MSP marketing plan 2015 to improve sales and marketing strategy are available online for this purpose.

Keep your customers’ interest in mind. Say you go into a website to purchase something, but it did not immediately tell you why you must buy the product or service the site is offering, what would you do? It is important to think the way your customers will think once they enter into your site.

Save them time. We all want efficiency, right? If your Product or Service can save your customers time by being specific,and concise with your statements, you might get a greater chance of catching the attention of even the busiest ones.

Save them money. If your product or service can save customers some money, then by all means, do not hesitate to tell them! It will be more ideal if you can give and stand by huge phrases such as, “Will you pass up the chance of saving 37% on your power bill this year?”

Peace of mind. Your site has to be clear and direct, plus you have to incorporate some kind of a guarantee for your customers. Example, “We understand how you value your family. That is why we make sure that they are taken care of when you’re gone. Pay 27 cents every day and you can rest assured that your product is protected.”

2. Describe your Product or Service

An important aspect of marketing for ITcompanies is how the product or service is described. The purpose of websites is to reach more people and let them know about your business. It is basically the first encounter they will have with you. So it is crucial that you make them understand what your product or service is all about. If your customers do not understand the benefits that are in store for them, they will become uninterested and will likely not buy what you’re selling

Describe. Make sure to to incorporate important details in your product/service description. These comes with two major benefits which are: one, it assists in letting the customers know about what you are selling; two, it keeps customers scanning your web pages for further detail and increase their desire to buy what you’re selling;

Do not be hesitant to incorporate as much information as you think is needed. Think about this: “anything that will help sell your product, put it.”